A mode is a shooting mode where you choose the aperture and let the camera automatically adjust to the appropriate shutter speed.

  1. Rotate the mode dial to A.

  2. Rotate the control dial to select an aperture value.

    1 Aperture value

    2 Exposure compensation amount

    • After pressing the F (F) button, you can also use FG to choose the aperture.
    • Exposure compensation can be adjusted by rotating the control dial or by pressing the F (F) button and then using HI.

      gControlling exposure (Exposure F)

Larger apertures (lower F-numbers) decrease depth of field (the area in front of or behind the focus point that appears to be in focus), softening background details. Smaller apertures (higher F-numbers) increase depth of field.

Setting the aperture value




  • The shutter speed display will blink if the camera is unable to achieve correct exposure.

    When using a fixed [ISO] setting, change the setting.

    gChanging ISO sensitivity (ISO)

Warning display example (blinking)/Status Action

The subject is underexposed.

Decrease the aperture value.

The subject is overexposed.

  • Increase the aperture value.
  • If the warning display does not disappear, the metered range of the camera is exceeded. A commercially available ND filter (for adjusting the amount of light) is required.