You can select a focusing method (focus mode). You can choose separate focusing methods for still photography mode and movie mode.

Adjusting Settings

  1. Press Q to display the live control.

    • To hide the live control, press Q again.
  2. Use FG to highlight AF Mode.

    AF Mode

  3. Highlight an option using HI and press the Q button.


gAdjusting Settings

S-AF (Single AF)
The camera focuses once when the shutter button is pressed halfway. When the focus is locked, a beep sounds, and the AF confirmation mark and the AF target mark light up. This mode is suitable for taking pictures of still subjects or subjects with limited movement.
C-AF (Continuous AF)

The camera repeats focusing while the shutter button remains pressed halfway. When the subject is in focus, the AF confirmation mark lights up on the monitor and the beep sounds when the focus is locked at the first time.

Even if the subject moves or you change the composition of the picture, the camera continues trying to focus.

MF (Manual focus)

1 Near

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3 Focus ring

This function allows you to manually focus on any position by operating the focus ring on the lens.

S-AF+MF (Simultaneous use of S-AF mode and MF mode)
After pressing the shutter button halfway to focus in [S-AF] mode, you can turn the focus ring to fine-adjust focus manually.
C-AF+TR (AF tracking)

Press the shutter button halfway to focus; the camera then tracks and maintains focus on the current subject while the shutter button is held in this position.

  • The AF target is displayed in red if the camera can no longer track the subject. Release the shutter button and then frame the subject again and press the shutter button halfway.

Tracking range will be narrow when using a Four Thirds system lens. Autofocus does not work while the AF target is displayed in red even if the camera is tracking the subject.

  • The camera may be unable to focus if the subject is poorly lit, obscured by mist or smoke, or lacks contrast.
  • When using a Four Thirds system lens, AF will not be available during movie recording.
  • AF mode is unavailable when the lens MF focus clutch is set to MF.
  • If [MF], [C-AF], or [C-AF+TR] is selected in P, A, S, M, n or ART mode, the shutter can be released even when the camera is not focus.

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