K Set

You can select the JPEG image quality mode from combinations of three image sizes and four compression rates.

  1. Use HI to select a combination ([K1] – [K4]) and use FG to change.
  2. Press the Q button.

    Image size

    Compression rate

gSelecting image quality (Still image quality, KK)

gCombinations of JPEG image sizes and compression rates


Set the white balance. You can also fine-tune the white balance for each mode.

gAdjusting color (WB (white balance))

gMaking fine adjustments to white balance (WB Compensation)

W Keep Warm Color
Select [On] to preserve “warm” colors in pictures taken under incandescent lighting.
Color Space

You can select a format to ensure that colors are correctly reproduced when shot images are regenerated on a monitor or using a printer.

gSetting the color reproduction format (Color Space)