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Q&A for OM Workspace (Olympus Workspace)
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Olympus Workspace was renamed OM Workspace.
Therefore, if you are using OM Workspace, read this page by replacing Olympus Workspace with OM Workspace.
Questions : <If you are using the software on a Mac with Apple M1, refer to the following information:>
How to install Rosetta if required when installing Olympus Workspace / OLYMPUS Capture on a Mac computer
How to enable camera drivers on Mac with Apple M1 (Olympus Workspace)
Notice for E-M1 Mark III and E-M1X users when connecting the camera to a Mac with Apple M1

Question :
How do I download the free OM Workspace software?

The OM Workspace image editing software is available to our camera users as a free download. The following procedure explains how to download the software.

To download a free OM Workspace software, you need to enter the serial number of your camera. Refer to the following webpage for more information:
Where can I find the serial number of my camera?

・The OM Workspace free download for the 32-bit Windows (32-bit Windows 10) ended in June 2023. The 64-bit Windows (64-bit Windows 10 and Windows 11) version is still available for download.

How to download OM Workspace
  1. 1. Click OM Workspace Software Download.
  2. 2. Carefully read the Software License Agreement in How to download and install OM Workspace.
    If you accept the terms, enter the serial number of your camera into the Serial Number box.
  3. 3. Click Download Now for Windows 64bit or MacOS to download the software.

    * It may take some time before the download starts. Please wait for a while after you click the [Download Now] button.
  4. 4. After the download of the installer is completed, install OM Workspace to your computer following the instructions displayed.

Question :
Where can I find the serial number of my camera?

The 9 digit number or alphanumeric serial number is at the bottom of the digital camera.

You can also find the serial number in the warranty card.

Question :
Where can I find the instruction manual (Help file) for the Olympus Workspace?

You can open the PDF format instruction manual (Help file) in Olympus Workspace. The instruction manual is downloaded via Internet by the automatic updating function that starts when you open the Olympus Workspace for the first time after the installation.

If the instruction manual (Help file) is not downloaded, click Help on the menu bar, and then Update Software to download the file.

* Internet connection is required for downloading the file.
How to open the instruction manual (Help file) in Olympus Workspace

To open the instruction manual, click at the top right of the Olympus Workspace window. You can also open the manual by clicking Help on the menu bar, and then Help.
To open the instruction manual, click Help on the menu bar, and then Olympus Workspace Help.
The instruction manual (Help menu) for Olympus Workspace is displayed using the PDF-browsing software installed on your computer such as Adobe Acrobat Reader or Preview.
You can jump to the desired page by clicking the menu names on the top of the page or the titles of the contents.
Refer to the Help file for the PDF-browsing software for more information on how to use the browsing software.

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